Site Policy

This site policy shall apply to all pages of the website (subsequently, “the Site”) of the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS) (subsequently, “the Organization”).

1. Links

In principle, links to the top-page URL of the Organization's website ( can be freely added to other websites. However, links are not permitted in the following circumstances:

Please be aware that the URL may be changed without prior notice, and that the system may be suspended, etc., on the Web server without prior notice.

2. Copyright

All of the copyrights of content published on each page of the Site belong to the Organization, except content published by the Organization based on permission from the author.

Please contact the Organization in advance by email ( if you wish to use or change any of the content published on any of the pages of the Site on a print medium, electronic medium, website, broadcasting medium, etc.

3. Disclaimer

The Organization and its staff assume absolutely no responsibility for any loss or damages that users may incur upon using a link to the Site. In addition, by using the link, the user understands and agrees that he/she has not received a guarantee in any form.